Career Management: Overview

Careers are constantly in flux. Sometimes they are on the ascendancy, other times they are relatively stable, and in even other instances they are in need of reinvigoration – or perhaps a fresh start. Regardless of the status of one's career, the right help at the right time can make an enormous difference. That's where Bejar Group comes in. In numerous cases we have helped employees navigate their way through challenging situations, often times when no viable option may have been apparent to them. Sometimes that means helping them find a new role in the organization – and with it a fresh set of challenges to restart their careers. In other instances, it is helping individuals who are transitioning out of the organization to hit the street running because they are equipped with a solid resume, realistic expectations, and outstanding networking and interviewing skills..

Bejar Group’s career management coaching focuses on:

  • Transition Coaching (for Individuals or Groups)
  • Succession Planning
  • Customized Career Coaching for Individuals
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