Cultural Competency: Overview

Diversity that strengthens the entire organization is not about "looking good "nor is acculturation just "I understand we do things differently."Diversification and cultural competency begin with genuine awareness and understanding that leads to the implementation of specific strategies that bring individuals and organizations to a level of effective collaboration and mutual support.

The United States is the world's largest host economy for multinationals. This global economy requires the integration of an increasingly diverse, multicultural, multilingual, multinational employee and client base. Bejar Group's view is that as much as organizations need to move positively towards greater internal diversification, they must also integrate themselves into this global, multicultural environment. Our focus is on diversity initiatives that lead to lasting change; cultural awareness that leads to more productive and positive behaviors; and communication skills that bridge differences to find common ground.

Bejar Group's Diversity and Cultural Competency work includes:

  • Organizational Cultural Competency
  • Individual Cultural Competency Skills
  • Onboarding: Integration into Organizational Culture for Individuals
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