Our Company

Bejar Group has a successful heritage of providing coaching and counseling programs to executive leaders who represent a broad cross section of professions and industries. Our extensive experience and commitment to success has enabled us to deliver positive results while utilizing a customized process that consistently meets the needs of individuals and/or organizations:

  • Engagement, trust building and awareness
  • Fact finding and opportunity assessment
  • Development of an action plan (roadmap)
  • Coaching to the action plan
  • Evaluation and next steps plan

Considerations for individuals or organizations to retain Bejar Group:

  • To coach the key employee who is encountering difficulties with interpersonal workplace relationships
  • To groom the executive who is under consideration for a senior leadership position by developing new skill sets and/or help the candidate remedyany hindering behaviors
  • To enable expatriate managers and executives to navigate standards of behavior and proper business conduct that tends to vary from country tocountry and culture to culture
  • To further develop the ability of an executive to lead employees effectively by coaching them in communications, team-building,self-management, and other key skills
  • To increase awareness and understanding by providing cultural competency training to both individuals and groups
  • To help individuals examine current career choices and make important decisions about their future based on self-assessment, exploration andresearch, goal-setting and effective action plans

Bejar Group: Executive Coaching, Career Management and Cultural Competency

Executive Coaching…the goal is to encourage the adoption of new and effective behaviors.Our strategy enables us to work with individuals to help them identifyspecific behaviors that require improvement and to develop clear stepsleading to positive, measurable outcomes.

Career Management…we offer individuals the opportunity to examine their current careerchoices and options. Our approach empowers individuals with the toolsto make informed decisions while also availing high potentials theopportunity to learn the necessary skills to become future leaders.

Cultural Competency…we address the subtleties and broader issues that surround culturalcompetency and acculturation in the workplace. Our bicultural/bilingualbackground uniquely combined with formal training measurement,contribute to the effectiveness of our approach. Bejar Group’sexperience covers North American, Latin American, European and Asianemployers and their employees operating at home and abroad.

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