The Bejar Advantage

How is Bejar Group different? What can you expect as a client?

  1. We take a highly individualized approach to each engagement, customizing solutions to specific requirements. We simply don't believe in "off the shelf" solutions.
  2. Our bilingual/bicultural perspective makes Bejar Group an ideal choice for multinational companies and foreign nationals operating in the U.S. and abroad.
  3. Our professional backgrounds and experiences fosters a deep understanding of human behavior and organizational structure.
  4. We have extensive corporate experience which allows us to understand organizational dynamics, structure, and how each organization functions in its own unique way.
  5. We have a strong results orientation and our longstanding client relationships are built on a foundation of trust, reliability, and consistently positive outcomes.

How Bejar Group can help your company’s executives operate more effectively in today’s global economy…

Bejar Group’s method and processes are effective for Executive Coaching and Career Management, and we are uniquely positioned to guide individuals and organizations through Cultural Competency. We help U.S. employee sat all levels, as well as foreign nationals, adapt smoothly and effectively to the culture and workplace of their host country. We also enable corporations to better understand cultural diversity and how to truly benefit from it.

Increasingly,global exposure is critical for future corporate leaders to compete at their highest level. Many companies operating outside the United States view a U.S. assignment as a key step in the development of management talent. In the same sense, however, we may find Germans in Mexican banks, Asians in Canadian communications companies, and so forth. In short, there are no geographic boundaries determining where one will work – only opportunities for those who are ready and well-equipped to seize them.

Within the U.S. and other countries, distinct population blocs are growing in size, e.g., Hispanic Americans. In this environment, helping leaders and teams work together to understand cultures both within the organization and externally becomes a high priority.

Emerging countries, particularly in South America and Asia, are developing more vibrant economies and in the process they are creating a consumer class and attractive markets for companies the world over. Understanding howto do business in different countries –where business etiquette may be very different from one’s own country – is essential.

These are just a few scenarios that make cross-cultural training and awareness an imperative for those companies and individuals who will move forward in today’s rapidly changing world. While adhering to our tenet of custom work for each engagement, Bejar Group’s proven methodology provides an effective framework for working with individuals and teams in order to help them transform into true citizens of the world.

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